Power Mixer

Power Mixer 4.1

Substitutes the default Windows volume control

Enhances the functionality of the standard volume control of your operating system by adding an audio mixer, scheduling features as well as an on-screen display. Supports multiple settings profiles.

Power Mixer has been designed to control every program in your computer that plays any sound, from the alerts you receive in e-mail notifiers to the audio player you use everyday. When the program is first launched, it will automatically show all the programs that somehow make sounds and will let you adjust the volume of each of them, thus creating your own perfect music system.
At the right side of all the programs displayed on Power Mixer, you will see the volume indicator, a number that goes from 0 to 100. By changing that number you will be able to raise or lower the volume at your will.
A very attractive feature offered by this program lets you use different user predetermined modes. That means you can save your own personal modes and then choose any of them, depending on what you're doing with your computer. For example, if you are working and need to be focused on what you're doing, maybe you could silence your instant messenger or e-mail notifier to avoid getting distracted. If you are watching a movie, I'm sure you would like to do the same and silence almost everything but the media player.
Power Mixer also enables you to lower or raise the general volume of your speakers and to mute it with a simple click. The program supports lots of different languages. By entering the options menu, you can see the hotkeys, adjust the controls, choose a language, modify presets and more.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • Create your own predefined modes for different moments
  • Lets you use hotkeys
  • It is very easy to use


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